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Don’t just show a video, start a conversation with your customers. Make it easy for them to find out more about your property’s amenities. Our video platforms incorporate a range of calls to action so that you can drive reservations, on-site bookings or encourage partner promotions.

Make your videos snackable

  • Control your brand experience.
  • Highlight on-site amenities, promotions and increase bookings.
  • Ensure your videos are ready for every platform.
  • Targeted video segments cater to shorter attention span.

There is only one thing better than video, and that’s a video platform that can optimize its impact. Users are now accustomed to “snackable video content” so don’t bore them with one long video. Customers would prefer to watch three specific 1 minute videos rather one general video of three minutes. They want to create their own journeys through your video content and explore the things that interest them.

Does your website need this kind of functionality?

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